Experiments with non conventional energy technologies.




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Included are numerous PDF,text files and video movies of devices in action This CD will enable you to have permanent collection of these energy related experiments ,A resource that you will find yourself coming back to, time after time.

Over 600 megs of material containg over 4924 items with something to interest the Science Fair student to the more advanced experimenter or to the casual observer.

Suitable for any IBM computer clone running windows XX and a netscape or microsoft web page browser.

Cost is only $50 Dollars Australian
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All funds raised through your support will enable energy21 to carry out future research especially in hydrogen production for powering applications and then the information discovered can be provided to the world at a nominal cost for all to benefit from.

Our Thanks to those that have supported us so far.

Nine years in the making with the largest collection of non conventional energy experiments and devices covered to date,
This information used to be available freely available from our energy 21 website which has been removed by those in Authority and without energy 21's permission it seems this type of information is slowly vanishing from normal public access on the internet.

Unfortunately we can only now supply it to you via our energy 21 CD


Photographs and movies of actual devices experimenters are working on now as you read this. Content gathered from across the world ,also are included constructions details and diagrams, a benefit to those interested and are ready to experiment for themselves maybe you can discover the key to energy independence from the information presented on this CD and build your own working device ( click on the photographs on this page to view more information on the subjects displayed.)   

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My thanks to the international inventors and constructors who kindly supplied details and photographs for future use by others in the compiling of this compilation of experiments with Non Conventional energy technologies CD project.
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