Wood Gas Producers

Wood Gas Producers

Not a new idea. The first recorded producer was that of Bischof (1839), and 1st gas producer driven vehicle was built by J.W. Parker 1901. The early model producers were very cumbersome & heavy and even today producers are still manufactured along the same lines as the early German designs.

We have developed a much lighter unit and less labour intense. The units are made of 1- 1.6mm galvanized iron. These units can be fitted to your generator set, tractor, motor vehicle, or simply for heating purposes such as water heating, grain drying etc.

Some Photos of circa World War two gas producer units

Gas Producer Units,
designed, manufactured and fitted by
G.B. Kobelt and son Dennis of Waddikee, E.P.

circa 1943-44

circa 1943-44

circa 1943-44

G.B. Kobelt and fitted gas producer
approx 1942-43

More Info

Part of a booklet published by Brenton & Margaret Pope
Brenton and Margaret Pope went around Australia in a car run by a Gas Producer

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